El mundo de la música despide a Zane Lowe de la BBC Radio 1 #thankszane

// Por: Paco Sierra

Jue 5 marzo, 2015

Hace un par de semanas anunciamos, un poco sorprendidos, la partida de uno de los DJs, si no el más importante de su generación, de la radio británica para partir a un nuevo proyecto en Apple en EE.UU.
Pues el DJ nacido en Nueva Zelanda transmitió hoy su último programa “Radio 1” -escúchalo aquí– en la BBC Radio 1, después de 12 años y cientos de entrevistas, muchas únicas como a Daft Punk, Kanye West, Foo Fighters, Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Jay Z entre muchos otros. Su espacio lo ocupará ahora Annie Mac.

A la despedida se sumaron no solo radioescuchas, las propias bandas que han desfilado por ese espacio a través de los doce años de transmisión: The Black Keys, Ellie Goulding, Arctic Monkeys, Mark Ronson, CHVRCHES y decenas más utilizaron sus cuentas en redes sociales para despedirse con el HT #thankszane.

En el programa de despedida se escucharon canciones de The White Stripes, Disclosure, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kendrick Lamar, James Blake, Kanye West, Foals, Vampire Weekend, Muse para que finalmente cerrara con… “Esta es la única canción que escogí esta noche. Ahora, puede ponerse emocionales, o simplemente la pueden escuchar. Una banda que para mi ha sido una constante a través de toda esta jornada, me ha dado más de una línea que ha pasado como propia, que me hada dado música grandiosa que nunca imaginé digerir en una vida y además han sido amables conmigo también. Esta es mi última canción, Queens of the Stone Age, ‘A Song For The Dead’. Ni siquiera la tienen que escuchar”.

Back in September ’03, i was sitting in the old Elektra Records office, doing promo for my first album Here Comes The Fuzz. Brian Greenspoon, who worked the international department, handed me the phone while whispering, “This is Zane Lowe. He talks really fast. But don’t worry, just try your best to keep up” [translation: “Ronson. Look alive! None of your usual are-you-or-are-you-not-stoned, Sudafed demeanor”]. I remember he did talk really fast. And I also remember being taken aback that he was the first person i had ever spoken to who seemed to get everything about the record–from MOP to Rivers Cuomo. He got where i was coming from, probably cause he came from the same era. We were both unashamed music freaks who grew up in the golden era of hip-hop but also loved guitars. Cut to the end of ’05, i don’t really have a hell of a lot going on…I got dropped from my label, production gigs have dried up, I’m no longer the go-to DJ in NYC so I’ve gone to China to take a few club gigs to pay the rent, keep my little label going, etc… I come back drunk to my hotel one night and check my messages…”Hey Mark, it’s Zane. People over here are really feeling that Radiohead cover you did. Good work, man, it’s a heater”. Zane championed that record “Just”, and I ended up getting a new record deal to make my second album, Version. March ’10, I’m finishing up my third album, I play Zane some songs–some almost finished, others in a rawer state. He hears the first 4 bars of a new track I’m working on and goes, “That’s your first fucking single dude”. So i go back to NYC and finish “Bang Bang Bang” with MNDR & Q-Tip. Back in 2013, Zane happened to move into the studio upstairs from me near Kings Cross. A year later, I’m playing him some half-finished songs from my fourth album. I play him a dusted out, disco-y cut, and in the middle he goes, “You really need a big, wild guitar solo there”. So I do it. And in November, Zane world-premiered the finished “Daffodils” on his show–once again, championing a track of mine, the same way he played “Ooh Wee”, “Just”, “Bang Bang Bang”. And alot of the reason that i probably have a career. so thank you Zane. and thanks for the tunes.

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