Muere Cynthia Robinson, trompeta y voz de Sly & The Family Stone

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Mie 25 noviembre, 2015

Cynthia Robinson, miembro co-fundador y trompetista de la icónica banda funk, perdió la vida a los 69 años tras una dura batalla contra el cáncer que le diagnosticaron a principios de este año. La compositora nació en California y también fungió como vocalista dentro de la banda de 1967 a 1975 en donde realizó 7 discos de estudio y un sinnúmero de presentaciones en vivo.

Sly & The Family Stone es considerada una de las bandas esenciales para comprender el nacimiento del funk, además de abrir paso a diferentes géneros como la psicodelia. Sin duda una gran pérdida para la escena musical y tan trascendental que el DJ Questlove dedicó una imagen en Instagram para reconocer la labor de dicho músico.

All The Squares Go Home. Goodbye to Cynthia Robinson. Music’s original “hypeman” 20 years before Public Enemy pioneered the “Vice President” position. But she wasn’t just a screaming cheerleading foil to Sly & Freddie’s gospel vocals. She was a KICK ASS trumpet player. A crucial intricate part of Sly Stone’s utopian vision of MLK’s America: Sly & The Family Stone were brothers & cousins. friends & enemies. black & white. male & female. saint & sinner. common man & superheroes. guarded & vulnerable. poets & punks. hip & square. She was so cool to us the day we opened up for #SlyAndTheFamilyStone she never ever lost a step or a beat. Even when we weren’t so sure if Sly was coming or going during that “comeback” tour (he’d play 20 mins, come onstage and cameo w em for 2 songs, leave, watch them then come back 30 mins later) Cynthia Robinson held that band down. Until her passing The Family Stone was one of the last few #RRHOF groups from the 60s in which ALL original members were still present & accounted for. part of me held hope that #LarryGraham would bury the hatchet & return to the fold just one more time (could you imagine HOW powerful a Sly #GCS combo coulda been? Even if Sly pulled that 6 song ish you know and I know #Prince would be in the wings as pinch hitter and we’d all be the more wiser for it. Cynthia’s role in music history isn’t celebrated enough. Her & sister Rose weren’t just pretty accessories there to “coo” & “shoo wop shoo bob” while the boys got the glory. Naw. They took names and kicked ass while you were dancing in the aisle. Much respect to amazing #CynthiaRobinson

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